Connecting the


Do you wish your business could gain better exposure for its charitable values?
Would you like guidance on how to throw a kick-ass fundraiser?
Do you dream about an outside-of-the-box idea that could set you apart from your competition?
Are you interested in networking with like-minded, cool people?

Well then you have found your hive.
We are all about pulling together, and using everyone’s best qualities to strengthen our community.
We know that a business can grow by giving back, and the whole community grows too. It’s a win-win!

Let us show you that one bee is powerful but a hive is unstoppable!



Meet Our Founder

Mindy is a Colorado native that graduated from CSU with a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Renewal, and Change. As a former High School Spanish Teacher, she enjoys helping people and working with youth in the community. She and her husband Dr. Mason Bryant own a local, funky eye care clinic called Edge Optics. Mindy has spent a lot of time organizing Edgey fundraisers and creative marketing campaigns for their business. Over the 4 years as business owners, Edge Optics has grown exponentially each year, and the power couple has learned a lot about entrepreneurship, management, and building a values-based business. Mindy knew she has a passion for giving back and wanted to show others how to do the same, which inspired the idea for Hive Theory. Mindy and Mason have two energetic boys, and several pets. They spend as much time as possible hiking, biking, and enjoying the outdoors as a family! Mindy loves living in Fort Collins because of the great vibes, good food, and artistic culture. This crazy busy Mama meditates every day, reads obsessively, and lives for meaningful connections. She truly cares about making a difference and is passionate about everything she does.


Meet Emma

Emma is the Assistant Director of Hive Theory and is completely overjoyed to be involved in such an amazing company. Emma was born and raised in Fort Collins, and loves being able to pour her affection for her hometown into the work with Hive. Being able to do work that is focused on giving back has always driven Emma, so Hive Theory is an incredible opportunity. Emma is in her senior year at CSU for a degree in Business Management and Marketing, and cannot wait to graduate. When she is not working or studying, Emma loves to read voraciously, practice yoga and ballet, sew and knit, and spend time with her wonderful friends and family.