Mindy often gets asked why she created Hive Theory. When the answer is really boiled down, its simple. To foster and share authenticity within the community. At Hive Theory we feel that authenticity is one of the most important elements of life. But it is often the most overlooked as well. Being authentic in everything you do, not just your work, is the easiest way to make more connections and to feeling more fulfilled. 

Authenticity is simply defined as "the quality of being authentic". Even though the definition is simple, the action of being authentic is often not simple at all. The root of being authentic is knowing what you are passionate about. When you know this, you can start to shape everything you do around this passion, which not only makes you more satisfied but it also has a massive benefit to the community you are a part of. When everyone in a community focuses on their passion, the community itself is more successful and supportive of itself. Hive has found that our passion is connecting people in the community, and so we have this at the core of everything we do.

Authenticity also means being authentic in your relationships. You cannot be an authentic person and member of the community if you are using your words and/or actions to bring down someone else in the community. Being authentic means sticking to your guns with your morals and your outlook on life, and not falling into a trap of negativity and competition within your network. Having a community as tight-knit as Fort Collins is a double edged sword. If there is one bit of negativity, it can easily spread through the community in a heartbeat, leaving distrust and competition in its wake. If you are being authentic to your true passion, you can choose to leave this negativity out of your life and network, leaving your authenticity and passion to shine through. 

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