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What is Social Roulette?

Hi all! We are so excited to be hosting a third Social Roulette with Blue Harvest Apparel on September 19th from 5-7PM at Ace Gillett’s. We were overwhelmed with the support and positivity following the last two Social Roulettes, and we are thrilled to be hosting a third.

We decided it’s time to share how Social Roulette started. Both Mindy and McKenzie from Blue Harvest are small business owners, so they are well versed in the classic networking event and their pros and cons. One of the most obvious cons was the lack of authentic connections that came out of the events. You would exchange business cards with a few people, halfheartedly talk about getting coffee sometime, and that would be that. There were cliques and there was a lot of awkwardness. Traditional networking events are hell for introverts, especially if you don’t know anyone. Walking into a room filled with new people and being expected to go up to these strangers and strike up a conversation is as close to medieval torture as you can get.

This set up serves no one and can lead to burnout pretty quickly. There had to be someway to change this. Hive Theory is all about creating authentic connections and fostering community right? So there has to be some way to transfer that to networking. Thus Social Roulette was born. By creating an event structure that ensures that every attendee will rotate around the room and meet new people at every table, the cliquey nature of traditional networking groups will be avoided. This strategy also is a comfort to the introverts in the world, as it takes out need to approach someone and introduce yourself. Roulette wheels are in the center of every table in the room, with question cards about yourself and community in all of the shot glasses. These are used as a tool to make sure there are no awkward lulls in conversation, and that there is always something to focus on. Cocktails are delivered as the rounds carry on, as well as delightful appetizers to keep you somewhat clear-headed.

One of Hive Theory’s other most important driving forces is giving back to the community. We make sure that everything we do has an element of giving back embedded in it, including Social Roulette. This time around, we are thrilled to be working with Realities for Children, an incredible local organization that have dedicated themselves to helping at risk youth in Northern Colorado. Having a give-back element to Social Roulette only adds to the authenticity of the event and the connections that are made there. We truly value this community and what we do with our reach as business owners, can make a huge difference.

We hope this answered some of your questions about Social Roulette, and we are excited to see you all there in September!