People of FoCo

Hello Hive! 

Our new campaign People of FoCo has been generating a lot of buzz (pun intended) around the community and we couldn't be happier. Hive Theory launched this campaign with the goals to connect the community, reduce the stigma around mental illness, and show the diversity that we have within our community. While it is painfully obvious that we need more ethnic diversity in the community, we have a massive amount of diverse individuals in our community. We hope that sharing what makes people different will make everyone recognize the strengths of others and what they bring to our Hive.

On Tuesday of this week, we had the luck to talk to many amazing individuals in The Artery in Fort Collins. For those of you who haven't been in, The Artery is one of the coolest spaces in Fort Collins, featuring on its ground floor constantly rotating art installations, a cafe and bar, and a performance venue. On the second floor, there is a full art gallery, art studios for rent, and Air B&B rooms! We originally went into The Artery to get a glass of wine and wrap up our work day, but we immediately knew that there were some incredible individuals  that we needed to capture for People of FoCo. The incredibly artistic vibe of The Artery draws in creative and unique people that have an entirely unique point of view to offer. One of the amazing people that we interviewed (his post is coming) even made Emma cry while she was interviewing him. Happy tears we promise. 

We need more authentic spaces like The Artery in town where you can be purely you and make real and stripped down connections with those around you. Even though it is not a brink and mortar location, we hope that the People of FoCo campaign can help our Hive feel more connected with their other members, and push people in the direction of living their lives completely authentic to themselves. 



Hello all you beautiful bees! 

Hive Theory is so excited to start blogging in the new year! We cannot wait to share our passions and our reasons with our wonderful hive.

For our first post of 2018, we want to talk about the importance of building and fostering connections within your community. Making meaningful connections is the number one goal of Hive Theory, and we hope to consistently share the importance of this with members of our hive. Fort Collins is a tight knit community, there is no denying that. However, there are a lot of missed opportunities for connections. By staying in your comfort zone and only connecting with people that you know, you are severely limiting yourself, your business, and your community. 

Because we have fallen into this trap ourselves, we wanted to create a networking event that forces you to get out of your comfort zone and talk to people you normally wouldn't seek out. With this in mind, Social Roulette was born. We are lucky enough to team up with McKenzie Hoffman of Blue Harvest Apparel fame to create this completely fresh networking opportunity. Social Roulette will be a night of networking with just the right amount of structure. By assigning tables and time limits, we can guarantee that you are going to end the night meeting new and unique individuals. This event will also benefit the incredible local nonprofit, Sproutin' Up. Sproutin' Up works with the youth in the community to support a healthy lifestyle. 

Expanding your connections is vital to maintaining a healthy business within the community. Making meaningful connections not only gives the possibility of more business, but give you a deeper understanding of the community you are a part of. Hearing and understanding different perspectives and experiences does nothing but enrich your community.  

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