Hive Theory wants to help you and your business grow and become involved in the community. Having a strong presence in the community, and being known for your philanthropic business practices are foolproof ways to increase the business that you see coming in. Let Hive Theory come in and observe your business and your practices and make suggestions on how to better connect with your hive. We can help you with any of the following options, a combo of them, or make a program totally tailored to you and your business. 

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Hive Theory can take consult, create content, or completely take over your marketing. This includes but is not limited to social media management, email blasts, website creation and management, press relations, and paper marketing (posters, flyers, etc.).If your company has a blog or would like to start one, Hive Theory can take over the content creation. Hive Theory will work with your company to create the message that you want to spread, the target market for your company, and the logical ways to get this message to that target market. 



If you want to spread the message of your company, raise money for your organization, or just celebrate the community Hive Theory can help with event creation, planning, and implementation. Events are a huge undertaking but a great way to reach a large audience in one fail swoop. Hive Theory can come up with the event concept or work with a standing concept, can plan the whole event or work with a resident planner, and can work the day of event or leave that to the staff of the business. 


Business practices and management

If you just need help with general business practices, staffing and management issues, Hive Theory can help! We will take a look at how your business is currently functioning, learn about the message you want to share, and then make suggestions on improvements that can be made.