What to Expect:

Welcome to Locality Kitchen & Bar! You will be warmly greeted with a glass of sparkling wine. Take a moment and puruse the generous silent auction donations and place a bid.  Head towards the photo booth to have a professional photo taken, with and without your blindfold, provided by Edge Optics.  

Its 6:20pm and we are ready to begin seating your party. Put on your mask and a personal blind guide will take you to your table. Once seated, sip and savor a gourmet meal in a truly unique fashion.

Chef Matt Smith has personally designed four delicious courses that will heighten your taste buds and open your mind to new flavors, sounds, and smells. Each course will be expertly paired with a glass of wine graciously donated by Chateau St. Michelle. Local wine sommelier Hilary Siebels of Breakthru Beverage will give short guided tips for savoring each glass and elevating your wine knowledge.

We will not give away all the mysteries of this evening in the dark....but you need to take a chance and try this incredible event! 

The VIP experience hosted in its own room includes a fifth tasting course presented by Chef Matt Smith with additional sensory experiences and a small gift.  VIP tables are also available to ensure large parties are able to sit together.


What if I am purchasing a ticket individually, but want to be seated with certain people?  

Due to the physical constraints of the restaurant (ie: tables and banquettes bolted to the floor), we cannot guarantee that groups will be seated together unless you are purchasing a VIP table.  Upon arrival you will be asked how many are in your party and we will do our best to accommodate seating your party together or near each other.  You must all be present to be seated together.

What if I am allergic to certain foods? 

We have a gluten-friendly and vegetarian ticket option. Unfortunately, we cannont release the details of the menu prior to the event; tasting unknown foods and how they compliment each other is part of the experience. If you have a shellfish or nut allegery, this may not be the event for you.

What if I am running late? 

 We ask that you do everything you can to be on time.  Seating begins at 6:20pm and the doors close at 6:40pm with the start of dinner.  If you are running late, please call the restaurant and inform the host.  

Am I blindfolded the entire evening? 

You will be blindfolded for approximately two hours during dinner.  The eye masks are very comfortable.  We will have a group "unveiling" at the end of the evening with time for you to adjust to having sight again.

What if I need to go to the bathroom? 

You will be escorted to and from the dining room blindfloded by an escort. You can remove your blindfold to use the facilities. 

What if I win a silent auciton item?  

All bids are final and we ask you to pay for your item with cash, check or card at the end of the evening.  100% of silent auctions proceeds are given to Ensight.

What is the dress attire for the evening?

We recommend dressing up for this special event and are suggesting you wear black.

What are the sensory components of the evening?

To heighten your other senses we are including scents and sounds as well as carefully crafted cuisine and wine.  We ask that you be mindful of the others taking in the experience around you and keep talking to minimum or a low volume.

What if I don't like wine or want to purchase additional beverages? 

Locality has a full bar and you are welcome to purchase drinks in addition to the wine served for the evening.  A bill will be brought to you at the end of the evening by your server.

More about Ensight Skills Center:

Can you imagine losing the ability to see? Our eyesight is such a precious sense. Ensight Skills Center provides professional low-vision services to enhance the lives of Northern Colorado residents who are struggling with vision loss. They may be losing their eyesight gradually, or have sudden vision loss. Ensight guides their patients through rehabilitation and uses a comprehensive, medical-model approach to ensure the best results. Their mission is to "provide individuals with low vision the opportunity to enhance their life skills, independence, and self confidence in a safe environment through training and adaptive technology.