Best Chai Around.

By Emma Wallace 

Hello Hive Members! 

Hive Theory is so excited to announce our new endeavor, a food and cocktail blog called The Royal Jelly. We are so lucky to live in a town that is bursting with amazing food and drinks, and new places popping up every month. Part of building a strong hive is supporting the new businesses that are in our community and making a conscious effort to eat and shop local. 

Mindy and I meet at coffee shops all the time for work and meetings, and we have developed a few favorites in town. One of these is The Wild Boar Cafe at 1510 South College Ave. It is an old house that has been transformed into the coziest cafe offering some of the tastiest food and drinks in town. Its location right next to the CSU Performing Arts building brings in an artsy crowd. One of the best things to drink at The Wild Boar is their house made Chai. There is a perfect mix of sweet and spicy and just the right amount of ginger that packs a punch at the end of your sip. The tea is mixed and brewed in house, and you can most certainly taste the freshness. Unlike most drinks, this one is equally delicious whether you have it hot, iced, or blended. It retains its perfectly balanced taste profile no matter what form it is in. 


If you are spending a long day at The Wild Boar studying or working and need a little more sustenance, they have a plethora of food options. My favorite has to be the Mac and Cheese. Its like the Kraft of my childhood on steroids. The sauce is creamy and has the perfect amount of cheese, and they are served in mini dutch ovens which creates the delicious little crunchy bits of cheese around the top. It makes the perfect reward for finishing a paper or presentation that you have been working on all day. 

If you have not been to The Wild Boar yet, or you have been and not had their chai or mac and cheese, get over there as soon as you can! It is the perfect place for super focused work time or a casual lunch meeting.