Its All in The Details

Have you been to the Butterfly Cafe? What a wonderful treat! We had no idea it was owned by Dam Good Tacos! That's one of our favorite go-to lunch spots. Today Emma and I went to The Butterfly Cafe for a meeting with McKenzie, Owner of Blue Harvest, to discuss our upcoming Social Roulette events and all the wonderful details! It's going to be an awesome one. Shameless Plug: Mark your calendar for September 19th at Ace Gillett's. ANYWAY, As I rode up on my bike, I was excited by the ample seating areas outdoors on a gorgeous summer day. 

Emma ordered the most delicious focaccia bread, straight out of the oven, piping hot and smelling glorious. We all shared a bite. 

I ordered the avocado toast and the most heavenly vanilla latte I've had in a while. The quality of the ingredients in the latte, along with my regular add-ins of cinnamon and honey really made it. Not to mention, the barista made the most perfect heart shape on top which warmed my soul as I had a rough morning. It's the little details that often surprise and delight a foodie. 

The avocado toast was two filling pieces of bread with bright green avocado spread evenly on top. It had a perfect spice blend sprinkled ALL OVER along with a huge helping of sesame seeds. It was a little bit salty, a little bit crunchy and deliciously satisfying. I love starting my day with avocado because I know I have some good fat in my system. Riding around town makes me so hungry! 

The staff inside was professional, kind, and quick. The vibes were good, and we left smiling with full tummies and hearts. Cheers to awesome new additions in FoCo!