Brie + Arugula get me every time!

Gourmet Pastry & Iced Coffee

Mountain Iris Cafe, Fort Collins

I always love a business that offers a discount for bike riders. I had been meaning to stop in Mountain Iris Cafe, off the Spring Creek trail near Prospect Rd for quite some time. We have been following their Instagram account and delicious looking food and drinks and couldn't wait to get our fingers on a yummy breakfast sandwich! I was excited to see a gourmet croissant on the menu, as I'm always drawn to the words gourmet and croissant. This is why I ride my bike. ;) Ha! 

QUICK OVERVIEW: The staff was sweet and informative, and the store was clean and cheerful. Secondly, I really appreciated the diverse, global perspective evident in the small business, as someone who values traveling and cultural studies. There were many European options like Lavazza coffee from Italy, and The Stroopwafels that I used to crave while studying abroad. It was also cool to see a lot of the story behind the owner's life through the style and photos hanging on the wall. The location is just so cool being right on the intersection of the railroad tracks, MAX bus, bike trail, and busy road of Prospect. As a Denver native, I love having a slice of an urban atmosphere. The energy on the patio of Mountain Iris Cafe is palpable. It made me feel like I was back in Italy, watching the world go by. Bike riders of all ages riding and smiling as they soaked up an idyllic summer day, trucks bouncing over the tracks in a hurry, bees buzzing in the flowers. It was exactly what I needed on my way to the office. 

Back to the food, the gourmet pastry with arugula, ham, egg, and brie was delightful. It was a great mix of flavor and freshness. Arugula always balances a rich selection of ingredients with its herbaceous, peppery flavor and nuances of nuts and mustard. The arugula was crisp and perfect. The texture of the sandwich was pleasant, and it was easy to eat. My only small piece of feedback would be to melt the cheese and egg on the croissant a little more, and make it nice and toasty before adding a handful of arugula. Otherwise, the flavor composition was well-done and the iced almond milk latte was strong and heavenly. I also purchased a Stroopwafel to take to my Edge Optics staff so they could share in the nostalgia of European treats. They were so happy to indulge in the sweet, sticky, caramel deliciousness. It is best served after sitting on top of a hot cup of coffee but always yummy. 

I'm excited to hear more about their upcoming Italian lessons at Mountain Iris Cafe, and to meet the Brazilian owner in person. We need more culturally-diverse establishments in our growing, beloved town; and she did a great job blending that concept with our FoCo style. Next time you're riding by, stop in and grab a Stroopwafel and coffee. You won't be disappointed.